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Friendship Formed at WCF Conference Leads to Business Partnership

WCF prioritizes genuine connections over sales and superficial networking. Hear how two past attendees who turned their conference connection into a valuable business partnerships in the video below.




If you’ve been to one conference, you’ve been to them all…

It's exhausting small talk that moves into sales pitch after sales pitch after sales pitch. But to what end? Most of those interactions don’t lead to deals or business opportunities. They lead to a collection of business cards and a few vaguely remembered conversations.


Enough with the trivial business relationships. It’s time to make real connections.

Here’s what we know:

  • Who do you call when you need advice? Your friend.

  • Whose company do you recommend when your business needs a new partner? Your friend’s.

  • Who do you think of when a new role opens at your company? Your friend.

When we say "friend", we’re not talking about the person you hit up from time to time with business propositions. We’re talking real friends. Friends that know, trust, and value you. These are the kind of friendships that make things happen. They aren’t just contacts. They’re connections. And connections are what we seek to build at WCF.


At Women in Consumer Financeyou won’t just expand your contact list.

Through shared stories, small group conversations, and interactive activities, you’ll make connections that will help your career and your business. Don’t just take our word for it, hear how two WCF attendees turned their connection at the conference into a business partnership in the video above.


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