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Our Story

Women in Consumer Finance was founded in 2018 in response to a need to get more women – and women of color – into senior management roles across financial services.

Our first event gathered 100 ambitious women in the industry for conversations and career building. Since then, we’ve grown into an event that brings together more than 400 female leaders annually. We’ve also expanded our offerings to include digital workshops, a bi-weekly newsletter, and an awards program that celebrates the achievements of inspiring women.


Our Mission

Financial services companies need diverse voices at the table. We aim to get them there.

Women, especially women of color, are dramatically underrepresented in financial services, particularly at the senior management level and above. This doesn’t just affect the women who work in this industry. It also means that the policies and practices established at the highest levels are designed without true insight into a large portion of those they are meant to serve. 

Our initiatives are designed to solve this problem. We empower women in their professional growth by providing safe spaces that promote a sense of belonging. This leads to increased confidence and career development. We also provide companies the opportunity to invest in their high-potential female talent and create a leadership development pipeline for women at their organizations.


About Us

Women in Consumer Finance is an annual leadership summit and community for high-performing women at all stages of their financial services careers. Through interactive workshops, thoughtful networking, and inspiring storytelling, WCF offers these superstars the opportunity to create lasting, meaningful connections and in-demand skills that propel their personal and professional lives forward.


Our Values 

Be inclusive - Actively work to create a welcoming environment that highlights and serves all who identify as women. 


Be vulnerable - True connection is only possible when people share honestly. Set this example, and create the conditions for others to do so.


Be courageous and go the extra mile - Doing what aligns best with our values isn’t always the easiest or most comfortable path. Wherever possible, do it anyway.


Support the equal playing field - No politics or bureaucracy. We all add value and deserve to be valued. You should leave your colleagues (or interactions with our company) feeling like it was an efficient, pleasant, uncomplicated experience. 


Make an impact - We don’t do something solely because it will generate profit. It must have the potential to make a lasting impact on our community.

Meet the Team

Stephanie Eidelman - WCF CEO

Stephanie Eidelman

Co-founder & CEO

Lisa Rozzelle - Director

Lisa Rozzelle


Emily Malone - Marketing Manager

Emily Malone

Marketing Manager 

Kylie Brown - Marketing Coordinator

Kylie Brown

Marketing Coordinator