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WCF is more than just a conference. We’re a community of supportive and inspiring women that you can leverage all year round. Get involved and stay connected with us to continue growth and keep your motivation locked in.
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Jessica Atkinson

Omni Logistics

Jessica’s positive energy is contagious. When she speaks, her personality shines through and you want to listen. But, that wasn’t always the case. She was once afraid to be herself in professional settings. As a result, her coworkers didn’t feel comfortable around her. She wanted to be an effective leader and knew she had to make a change. So, she did. She is now an authentic leader who brings her full self to work.

Listen to her story.

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Carri McQuerrey-Funk


Carri McQuerrey-Funk is a well-respected leader and a mentor who many look up to. But it wasn’t always like that. Her early managerial days were marked by a “my way or the highway” attitude. When family tragedy struck, she realized she’d been trying so hard to be a boss while her team really needed a leader. She changed her approach and found that by empowering others, she became more effective and confident.

Read Carri’s story.

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Leah Ri

Progress Residential

Leah Ri sparkles. She has magnetic confidence and her potential shines through in everything that she does. Her ambition was evident even in her childhood when she sold lemonade and candy to gullible adults. Those experiences taught her not to be afraid of rejection and how to solve problems. Leah is what the future of workplace leadership looks like. And, all we can say is – sign us up! Because it’s a future we’re thrilled to be heading into. 

Read Leah’s story.

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Dr. Marlene Fuller

Citizens Bank

Dr. Marlene Fuller learned the hard way that work won’t love you back. She’s always been an overachiever, believing that her work was her worth. Endless hustling did the trick until life started throwing curveballs. Somewhere amidst life’s toughest moments, she started to talk. By reaching out for support, she learned to value herself beyond her accomplishments and found sharing her journey more fulfilling than chasing success. 

Read more of her story.

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Tonia Brown

ARM Compliance Business Solutions

Tonia knows she has the power to choose her own path. If you told her this in her twenties, though, she wouldn’t have believed you. Her childhood and early adulthood were characterized by abuse at the hands of others. After a heart attack at 23, she decided she must change her life. From that moment on, she took control of her future and created her own success. Tonia is now a true testament to the power of choice.

Read her story.


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