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But, how much time do you spend thinking about your goals and growth? If you’re not actively investing time in yourself, your network, and your career, then you’re probably staying stagnant. It’s time to reawaken your potential.


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During your three days at WCF, you'll:

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Our ‘no sales’ networking ensures you’ll have conversations about who you are and where you want to go. This allows you to build lasting relationships with women who will want to see you thrive.

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Our speakers bravely share personal stories and set the tone for the entire event. Here, you’re safe to share your struggles, declare your goals, and offer your insight—all without judgment.

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You’ll create new goals and a plan for achieving them. Our interactive workshops will get you engaged in working on your career, uncovering your core values, and enhancing your leadership skills.

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The time you spend building connections and working on yourself will enhance your sense of purpose and belonging. You’ll leave with a new support system in place, your motivation locked in, and the confidence you need to fulfill your potential.

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In addition to the value it offers to participants, WCF provides real benefits to organizations that send their high-potential female talent.

When you send your team to WCF, you: 

  • Retain top performers by demonstrating your commitment to their advancement.
  • Empower and energize your team by allowing them to build their network and confidence.
  • Form valuable business relationships through the authentic connections your team will form.
  • Advance diversity and inclusion initiatives within your organization.


 December 11-13, 2023 


Ready to awaken your ambition and get one step closer to reaching your full potential?