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Community Impact

WCF isn't just about building the biggest, most energized network in consumer finance (though it is definitely about that). It's also about helping women thrive across the country and even around the world. That's why WCF partners with hand-picked organizations where we can make a real impact in helping to develop financial stability for women and girls, wherever they may be.

This year, we’re partnering with LIFT and Vital Voices.


WCF Community Impact
Lift logo

All families deserve a better future,  no matter their race, ethnicity, or zip code.

Poverty, like wealth, is passed down from generation to generation. LIFT's mission is to break that cycle by investing in parents. We build families’ well-being, financial strength, and social connections to lift two generations at once.

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Invest in women who are taking on the world's greatest challenges.

Vital Voices identifies those with a bold vision for change and partners with them to make that vision a reality.  They scale and accelerate impact through long-term investments that expand the skills, connections, and visibility of women leaders. Vital Voices has directly supported more than 20,000 change makers across 185 countries and built the most powerful global network of women leaders who reimagining a more equitable world for all.

Our 2024 community impact initiative is supported by:

NCB Management Services

Take your support for women to the next level.

Companies that partner with WCF are viewed as leaders in hiring, inclusivity and support for women's careers.