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Digital Workshops

Explore topics through guided lessons and interactive exercises during our workshops. Get ready to reflect on your career and enhance your leadership skills.


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WCF Digital Workshops

Upcoming Workshops:

September 4th from 1-2:30pm ET

Join Suzanne Currier and get tools to help you evaluate your career, determine where you want to go next, and make a plan to get there. 

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WCF Attendees

Workshop Replays:

Workshop Replay

Join inspiring career coach Jessica Atkinson to reawaken your motivation and recommit to owning your career journey.

Workshop Replay

Enhance your networking toolkit with game-changing connection strategies from career coach DeAnna Busby-Rast.

Workshop Replay

Learn management secrets from coach Sandy Aquino that will make you a more effective, respected, and confident leader. 

Workshop Replay

Explore the importance of values and brainstorm your goals with leadership coach Marisa Thomas in this workshop recording.

Workshop Replay

Learn strategies for how to retain underrepresented talent and make lasting cultural changes.

Workshop Replay

Gain insight into who you are, what's important to you, and where you need to grow during this interactive session.

Workshop Replay

Discover how to turn the voice in your head into your biggest cheerleader so you can achieve more.