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The Power of Mentorship & Representation in a Male-Dominated Field

When Beth Waters started her career at Finvi, there were no women at the highest levels. Over nearly three decades, she has watched the company transform. In this interview, she shares how having women in leadership roles has made a positive impact throughout the organization




When Beth Waters began her career at Finvi in the early 2000s, it was hard to imagine herself at the top. 


At the time, no one past the management level was female. “There was stigma, back then, about women in leadership.” she explained. There were no discussions about advancement for women. You kept your head down, did your work, and hoped that someone would recognize your accomplishments. 


Over the years, however, Finvi’s leadership has grown to include many female executives, including a mentor who saw Beth's potential and helped her to advance. Since then, Beth has seen positive changes trickle down through every level of the organization. 


In this interview, Beth and WCF Founder & CEO Stephanie Eidelman discuss the power of female mentorship in a male-dominated space, the importance of seeing women in leadership roles, and how Finvi is continually working to better serve a diverse workforce.


Finvi was a generous supporter of Women in Consumer Finance 2023. They are committed to helping women from financial services and beyond excel both personally and professionally.