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How to Reinvigorate Your Career and Remain Engaged at Your Company

Suzanne Currier of Currier Coaching joined us as a speaker in Palm Springs for WCF 2023. In this conversation with Stephanie Eidelman, she offers a few of the key insights she later shared there.




After 17 years in the consumer finance industry, Suzanne Currier started her own coaching practice to help other women find fulfillment at all stages of their careers. She recently sat down (virtually) with Stephanie Eidelman to discuss the insights she shares with those feeling stuck, unchallenged, or disengaged at work. 

"Life is too short and too long to not be thriving," Suzanne says. But going from surviving to thriving at work doesn't necessarily mean making a 180 degree turn and changing companies or industries. As a sneak peek of what you'll learn in Palm Springs, Suzanne offers her approach to creating a more aligned work life without leaving your current job. 


1. Pay attention to what lights you up and what drains you. 

Once you recognize what’s giving you energy and what’s sucking the life out of you, you can start taking steps to do more of the former and less of the latter. You may be surprised by how much flexibility there is be here. “Some people love the stuff you don’t enjoy. As you take steps towards that which you enjoy, it actually creates opportunities for other people to do the things you might be leaving behind.”


2. Make your wishes known. 

“Tell others! Tell your supervisor, tell your colleagues, tell other people. Because all of the sudden, it can open doors.“ Don’t let others assume you want to continue as you are. Sharing your desires with colleagues and leadership can allow them to help you grow. 


3. Understand your values. 

Values play a huge part in feeling a sense of fulfillment at work. When you understand what’s most important to you, you can take steps towards living in alignment with those values, including in your career. “The more aligned we are, the more satisfied we are, the more engaged, the more we thrive," says Suzanne.


4. Examine how your values compare to your company’s values.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled or frustrated at work, there’s likely a gap between your values and the values of your company. Consider both sets of values and look for ways to connect them. Suzanne suggests asking yourself, “Is there a way to achieve what is important in the organization and what’s important to me as an individual?” This could mean a different approach to your work at the company, or finding ways outside of work to fulfill your values, such as volunteering.


Currier Coaching is a generous supporter of Women in Consumer Finance. They are committed to helping women from financial services and beyond excel both personally and professionally.