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5 Lessons on Mindset from the Women in Consumer Finance April Workshop

Mindset can be your biggest hurdle or your greatest superpower. Women from the WCF community shared their struggles with mindset and strategies for cultivating a positive one. 


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1. The only thing we have 100% control over is our mindset. 

There are so many things we try to manage, but ultimately, the only thing we have complete control over is our mindset. This can be difficult to come to terms with. However, if you look at the other side of the coin, you’ll see that having control over your mindset is a huge advantage. It allows you to decide how you respond to any given situation.

2. You need to recognize the thoughts that hold you back and acknowledge them.

From there, you can work toward addressing and moving past them. Co-host Carri McQuerrey Funk is a great example of this. She once had the limiting belief that she couldn’t advance past a certain level in her career without a college degree. She never thought that someone like her could be an executive at a bank and had to work through that limiting belief to get where she is now.


3. Your brain has a confirmation bias. 

It finds evidence for what you tell it. If you tell yourself something is negative, your brain will work to make it true, picking out examples that prove you right. You can use this to your advantage by teaching your brain to look for the positive. Having a positive mindset takes constant practice, but it can make a huge difference in your leadership and career.


4. Fixed and growth mindsets are situational.

Just as certain situations can bring out introvert or extrovert tendencies in people, the same is true for fixed and growth mindsets. For instance, one might have a growth mindset when it comes to learning new software, but a fixed mindset when it comes to public speaking. What’s important is being able to recognize either when they come up, so that you can address them (see #2).


5. Your mindset has impacts beyond you. 

Heather Bentley explained, “As a leader, your mindset has a ripple effect on the people you lead. It’s essential to be a model for your team and respond to challenges and mistakes with a level head.” Those you lead will notice the signs of a negative mindset, and it can impact the attitude of the whole team. Likewise, if you have a positive mindset, you can boost the morale and efficacy of your entire team.


Missed the workshop or want a refresher? Check out a recording of the workshop here.