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10 Reasons You Can’t Miss Women in Consumer Finance

Women in Consumer Finance is a professional development conference unlike any other event in the space. If you’re not already signed up to join us in Fort Worth in 2024, here’s why you need to be there.


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1. You’ll become a part of a supportive community that extends beyond the conference.

We’re more than just a conference. We’re a supportive community of women who you can turn to for guidance and encouragement. Our attendees stay connected year-round via group chats, video calls, email exchanges, and social media. We also run formal programs and events that run throughout the year (like our Personal Advisory Board Program and digital workshops) that keep the community engaged.

We learn from one another, lean on each other, and celebrate successes. When you attend WCF, you become a part of it all! 


2. You’ll get a three day dose of sunshine and good weather.

How does 70 and sunny in November sound to you? (If you’re from anywhere up north, we already know what your answer is.) WCF 2024 will be in Fort Worth, Texas. Leave the bitter cold behind for a few days and come work on your personal and professional development in the desert sun.


3. WCF will re-energize you and your work.

Okay, let’s admit it. We all go through periods when we feel unmotivated and uninspired. It happens. At WCF, you’ll get the unique opportunity to spend 3 days focusing on yourself.

You’ll talk through the challenges you’re facing, think about what matters to you, and build the skills you need to advance. When the conference is over, you’ll return to work with fresh eyes and a new outlook.


4. Nothing compares to the inspiration you’ll feel after your peers share their stories.

Each year, we invite inspiring women on stage to share their stories. The speakers never fail to bring authenticity and vulnerability. You’ll hear stories of challenge, heartbreak, and perseverance. It’s one of the most loved and emotional parts of the conference. (Yes, literal tears are shed by the audience.) If you’ve never attended WCF, you really have to experience it for yourself. 


5. You’ll have the chance to take in the scenery.

This year we’re offering optional, pre-conference activities to help get the conference kicked off. The activities will be the perfect opportunity to network with fellow attendees and be a bit of a tourist before we get started. Whether you decide to hike, golf, or go site seeing, you’ll make new friends and memories.


6. Friendships are a personal and professional advantage and we specialize in forming them.

This isn’t like other conferences where you sit through a series of sales pitches or try to remember which face went with which business card. At WCF, you’ll do more than just meet new contacts. Through shared stories, small group conversations, and interactive activities you’ll form friendships with women who understand your field and your goals. Who knows—you might even meet your next mentor/mentee, business partner, or co-worker.


7. You can wear whatever you want!

Office attire, business casual, cocktail casual…what the heck’s the difference? Forget all the tricky lingo! We have a strictly “wear what you want” policy. This conference is about working on you and we think you should be comfortable while you do that.

Love your jeans? Wear 'em. Love your athleisure? Go for it! This is a no-judgment zone. Sneakers vs. heels at a conference? Come on, you know this makes you happy!


8. Your career is front and center. 

We build our agenda around topics women tell us they need most. Each session will challenge you to think through your goals and aspirations and give you actionable insights to make steps toward them.


9. You’ll get a small group to navigate the conference with.

Fear not, introverts! We know finding your place among a big crowd is heart pounding work even for the most seasoned networker. We eliminate the stress of forced conversations and finding a group to sit with by assigning you to a small group to move through the conference with. 

There’s no pressure to stay with your group the entire time. Feel free to mingle until your heart's content. Just know you’ll always have a group of familiar faces to return to when you’re done.


10. If you’re not there, the FOMO will be real (and warranted).

We’ll be posting about all the fun we’re having, and based on last year, we know everyone else will be too. 

Sure, you can watch us laugh, mingle, and cry happy tears through pictures, but it’s not the same as being there! So, are you just gonna sit and watch the fun unfold from behind your computer screen or are you going to join in?


Registration for 2024 is now open! Make sure to grab your ticket early to guarantee your spot. Register Now.