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Networking Masterclass: How to Turn Connections into Meaningful Relationships

  A free, digital workshop from WCF & Authentica Group  

June 5th from 1-2:30pm ET

WCF x Authentica


DeAnna Busby-Rast


About the Workshop

Success isn’t just about who you know. It’s also about how well you know them. After all, you’re not going to make that sale or create that game-changing partnership with a person whose face you can’t recall.

Networking is so much more than just shaking hands and exchanging business cards. To be truly effective, you must be intentional and focus on fostering relationships. No one knows this better than networking expert and career coach DeAnna Busby-Rast

Join DeAnna on June 5th from 1-2:30pm ET for a networking masterclass. During the workshop, you’ll build a strategic networking plan and elevate your ability to connect.

What to Expect

This session will offer up lessons and insights that were gained over a 30 year career in sales and business development. Topics will include: 

    • Common networking misconceptions that prevent you from connecting fully
    • Different networking scenarios and the best ways to approach each
    • How build a personalized networking toolkit that helps you turn contacts into relationships


The lessons you learn during the session will help you become more effective in meetings, during presentations, and at events. Plus, they’ll lead you to meaningful relationships that bring personal and professional fulfillment.

Meet DeAnna Busby-Rast

DeAnna Busby-Rast knows from experience that connections can propel your career forward, and those connections start with authenticity and confident communication. She is committed to helping ambitious professionals and seasoned executives find their voice so they can network effectively, deliver compelling presentations, drive client relationships, and own any room that they walk into. Discover your authentic self, boost your career confidence, and elevate your executive presence with her guidance. Learn more.


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