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Jessica Atkinson

Founder/CEO at WILB Effect



Managing Your Team in the Context of Mental Health (December 13th at 8:30 AM)


An award-winning triple-certified Project Management Expert, Jessica has spent the last 20 years leading transformational change in Corporate America. Jessica is the Founder/CEO of the WILB Effect, which advocates for authenticity in decision-making across all industries. 

What truly sets Jessica apart is her commitment to mental health in corporate management. Advocating for creating a culture of safe spaces in the workplace, where employees are encouraged to nurture the mindset as a path to success. Jessica's own life story is a testament to the challenges with the power of fear and the triumph of authentic leadership. From growing up in a foster home in an emerging country to advocating for Human Rights in the Supreme Courts. 

Jessica has learned the importance of unlearning and re-learning how to lead with purpose. She knows first-hand the challenges of sharing ideas due to systemic issues while battling imposter syndrome. Through her work with the WILB Effect, Jessica's inspiring "I WILB Me" attitude will leave you feeling motivated and ready to take on the world.