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Dorothia Allen-Taylor

Extended Ops Manager, Capital One

Dorothia Allen-Taylor


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Dorothia has 24+ years of overall Finance/Call Center experience in many areas including (but not limited to) Front-Line phone agent, Operations Management, Facilitation, Content Development, Associate/Facilitator Development and Mentorship, Internal Audit, Recruiting, and Relationship and Supplier Management.  In her 22+ years with Capital One (~18 years in leadership) she gained experience in roles that impact the full customer and associate experience, mitigated risks at various levels, and kept the organization well-managed in a variety of roles.  Dorothia has held and mastered roles in Bank Card, Retail and Commercial Credit Departments, Agent Recruiting and Training Departments, Collections and Recovery Departments, Front-Line Audit Department, and Supplier Management for Learning Development and Card Distribution for a fortune 100 Financial Company.  She currently manages the US Card Delivery department as an Extended Ops Department Manager in Supply Chain Solutions where she leads a mixed-level team of associates and leads all aspects of the management of our Card Perso suppliers, governing risks, contract and SLA adherence, RFI and RFP management for new suppliers, supplier performance reviews, and card art and fulfillment.

Dorothia is married (~23yrs) with 4 beautiful children (Brittany - 32, Ji - 21, Kyrie - 19, Maliq - 17) and an 11yr old granddaughter, Aleah.  She considers herself to be a lifelong learner with a true passion for supporting people to reach their full potential while being their full, authentic selves. She is known to be an analytic, however, LOVES all things creative.  She cooks, sews, paints, is obsessed with DIY, crafting, nails and hair… you get the picture, lol.  She is currently completing her MBA at Howard University while also pursuing her Six Sigma certification on a path to Black Belt, all while balancing her career and busy family.  Her family is her primary fuel: she strives to make them happy, healthy, and proud. Her 2nd source of fuel is her integrity. She is driven to do the right thing. That is at the core of every decision she makes and action she takes. “Be your authentic self unapologetically because you are perfectly imperfect” is a motto she strives to live by.  She also reads the following EVERYDAY "The world said be invisible, she heard BE INVINCIBLE," (author unknown).