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Cassandra Hurst

Vice President of Recovery at iCare Financial Corp

Cassandra Hurst


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Cassandra Hurst is the Vice President of Recovery at iCare Financial Corp based in Atlanta, Georgia. iCare is a small, but progressive consumer finance company with a total of 150+ strong employees. Cassandra has been partnered with iCare for 4 years with her main focus on increased revenue and profit margin shares.

She started her professional journey as a Debt Collection Specialist and quickly absorbed industry knowledge and progressed into various roles over the years, including Team Lead, Collections Manager, Director of Operations, Corporate Trainer, Director of Training & Development Abroad relocating to the Philippines and specializing in US Culture/Diversity within 3rd Party Collections, Director of Quality Assurance, Compliance Officer building and maintaining a comprehensive Compliance Management System and now, VP of Recovery. The roads to her defined success have been challenging, to say the least, but her path within her mindset has always been clear, using MORE as her word of choice, with each year that has come. The goal has always been to learn as much as she possibly could, and continue to be steadfast with both her personal and professional growth.

Cassandra's Whoo-sah moments consist of family and great friends with spirited Game Nights, where she always must remember to tone it down just a bit and not become “the” most competitive person in the room. She absolutely love, love, love LOVES to dance. It is her stress release and wind-down of a cumbersome day, whether on a dance floor or at home dancing around the entire house. She is an extreme “foodie” person, mostly seafood. Give her an exceptional meal experience, an extraordinary glass of wine, a dessert to die for, followed by a fine cigar (on occasion), and a glass of Macallan 18 to sip, and she is in heaven.  She currently resides in Snellville, GA and is the proud mother of 5 wonderful sons & 1 amazing daughter.