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Career Coaches

Meet the official WCF Career Coaches. These women come from consumer finance backgrounds and know how to guide you to success in this industry. We're partnering with them in 2024 to provide you with even more professional development opportunities. Learn more about them and how they can help you below.

Marisa Thomas - DoorSeffect

For experienced & executive leaders

People want to work for leaders that motivate and inspire, but it’s impossible to be that kind of leader if you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, or lacking credibility. If you’re feeling any of those things, it’s time to reflect and transform. Marisa Thomas can help you do just that. With Marisa’s guidance, you’ll transform into the kind of leader that everyone wants to work for. You’ll hone in on the specific challenges you’re facing and craft a unique plan to overcome them. Get started on your transformational journey with a free consultation session.

Marisa Thomas - DoorSeffect

Sandy Aquino - Proximity Leadership Network

For early-career managers

Being a new leader can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Sandy’s signature 12-week coaching program, IMPOSTER to EMPOWERED, teaches practical, proven, real-life strategies that will build your confidence, position you as an authority, and establish your credibility. It is tailored specifically to new female leaders, or those missing the training and development needed to be successful. Sandy provides the development and encouragement you need to take your career to the next level, but only if you’re ready and willing to do the work. The program includes both pre-recorded training modules and weekly group coaching calls. DO more, BE more, and EARN more - Become an EMPOWERED leader today!

Group coaching and one-on-one coaching services are also available. Schedule a meeting with Sandy to learn more.

Sandy Aquino - Proximity Leadership

Suzanne Currier, MA, PCC - Currier Coaching

For mid-career & experienced leaders

Feeling uncertain about what’s next for you? Suzanne Currier can help you find clarity on your goals and plan a path to achieve them. Through thought-provoking questions and conversations, Suzanne will challenge your assumptions and breathe new life into your career. After working with her, you’ll be energized, clear, and confident in moving forward. Both individual and group coaching services are available. Set up a free introductory call to get started.

Suzanne Currier - Currier Coaching

DeAnna Busby-Rast - Authentica Group

For professionals aiming to enhance their communication skills, strengthen networks, drive sales, and enhance client experience

DeAnna Busby-Rast knows from experience that connections can propel your career forward, and those connections start with authenticity and confident communication. She is committed to helping ambitious professionals and seasoned executives find their voice so they can network effectively, deliver compelling presentations, drive client relationships, and own any room that they walk into. Discover your authentic self, boost your career confidence, and elevate your executive presence with her guidance.

DeAnna Busby-Rast - Authentica Group

Jessica Atkinson PMP, CMP, CSM - WILB Effect

For emerging leaders and aspiring change makers

People often face hidden challenges that undermine their potential: microaggressions, unconscious bias, fear, gaslighting, and systemic barriers. These issues can significantly impact mental health, productivity, and innovation. Jessica Atkinson, CEO of WILB Effect, stands at the forefront of mentoring and coaching change makers. A triple-certified Transformation Expert, she has 20 years of leading Business and Technology changes for Corporate America. Jessica has coached hundreds of people on the techniques for embracing authenticity and awakening greatness. As a leader who identifies as woman, immigrant, lesbian, and person of color, she is equipped with a unique perspective on navigating successfully as an authentic leader.

Jessica Atkinson