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Sandy Aquino

Proximity Leadership Network

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Meet Sandy! 

With over 20 years in senior leadership roles for various consumer finance organizations and coaching some of the industry’s most successful leaders, Sandy founded Proximity Leadership Network to pursue her passion of helping corporate women go further, faster. Her mission is to get more women into leadership roles and into rooms where decisions are made; as well as to provide a safe, confidential space for women to connect year round, find support, and open doors for one another. 
Sandy offers online courses, coaching, a private membership, and both live and virtual events.
Women of all career-stages are encouraged to join Sandy’s Inner Circle private membership, where like-minded, high-performing corporate women come together virtually once a month for networking, peer support, guest speakers, and collaborations. You never have to feel alone on your journey again. Surround yourself with strong, successful, encouraging women who will push you to reach your goals and unleash your hidden potential. Don’t miss an opportunity to make that ONE connection that might change your life FOREVER! 
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