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Marisa Thomas

DoorSeffect LLC

Marisa Thomas

Meet Marisa!

Marisa Thomas is a talent amplifier. She strives to unlock potential in advancing leaders who want to drive collaboration, increase productivity, and create engaged teams.


As a former executive at Capital One, Marisa understands that motivated leaders transform the careers of those around them while also improving overall business outcomes. Unfortunately, many leaders get stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion due to a lack of development resources. Marisa aims to fill that crucial gap with her company, DoorSeffect, LLC.


DoorSeffect guides leaders who feel less engaged, productive, or effective on a journey of reflection and transformation. With Marisa's help, participants hone in on the specific challenges they’re facing and craft a plan to overcome them. Through the process, they enhance their self-awareness, improve effectiveness, and become the kind of leader that everyone wants to work for.


In addition to coaching services, DoorSeffect also offers a subscription-based leadership optimization app called Rising Catalyst. The tool helps leaders improve their capacity to lead wherever and whenever is convenient. Download the app here.

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