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Jessica Atkinson PMP, CMP, CSM

WILB Effect

Jessica Atkinson

Meet Jessica!

From growing up in a foster home in an emerging country to advocating for Human Rights in the Supreme Court, Jessica has witnessed the power of fear and the triumph of authentic leadership. Jessica Atkinson started her career interning as a call center agent and has climbed to corporate roles such as Director of Operations, Head of PMO, Director of IT, and Vice President.


As the founder of the WILB Effect, she has designed consulting, coaching, and workshop services based on combined experience in the Financial, Technology, & Operational in the US and International markets overseeing remote and international teams. She has transformed corporate structures by breaking down complex changes while ensuring the integration of people and the process.


Jessica Atkinson has been recognized for her contribution to the community through the CXO Leadership Award, Titan of Business, Move Maker for Women in Consumer Finance, Project Management Institute Mentor/Keynote Speaker, and work with the UN & HRW.


Jessica's coaching focuses on:

  • Enhancing communication to dismantle workplace barriers and boost team performance
  • Overcoming microaggressions, unconscious bias, fear, gaslighting, and systemic barriers
  • Navigating multi-cultural dynamics
  • Overcoming challenges related to management style conflicts
  • Achieving deliverables and keep core values intact


Gift a coaching session or reach out to discuss other services that will redefine the success for you and your team.