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DeAnna Busby-Rast

Authentica Group

DeAnna Busby-Rast

Meet DeAnna!

DeAnna stands proudly as the visionary founder of Authentica Group, a dynamic enterprise specializing in transformative career and professional development coaching. In a career marked by accolades and triumphs, she has honed her expertise in the realms of sales and marketing, assuming leadership roles that shaped training, marketing, sales, and account management teams.

With a robust career spanning 30 years in Corporate America, DeAnna felt a compelling calling to give back and channel her passion for teaching and growth. Now, as a dynamic coach and motivational speaker, she collaborates with individuals and businesses, unleashing customized coaching and professional development training programs. These programs create an immersive atmosphere—fun, educational, and inspiring—filled with activities that foster profound learning.

Beyond coaching, DeAnna is fervently committed to cultivating the growth of professional leaders. Her "Connect & Inspire" events are meticulously designed to ignite collaboration and learning through engaging keynote presentations, insightful panel discussions, and valuable networking opportunities.

DeAnna passionately advocates for reaching our best selves throughout our careers. She is committed to connecting with clients and audiences, sharing insights on the value of client relationships, sales, and business growth, delivering compelling presentations, and the transformative power of networking. Remarkably, her last formal job application traces back to 1991, a testament to the strength of her extensive network and personal recommendations. Networking, in her view, is indispensable for both emerging professionals and seasoned careerists, and she is unwavering in her dedication to promoting its significance.

Venturing beyond the corporate sphere, DeAnna captivates audiences as a featured presenter at prestigious events, including the Women in Consumer Finance Conference and Women's Unlimited. She shares her insights at forums like the Collections and Recovery Conference, where she expounds on "Building a Better Client Experience." Her contributions extend to numerous panel discussions and smaller speaking engagements throughout her illustrious career.

In 1999, DeAnna earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management, and in 2006, she participated in the exclusive ICAN Executive program. A dedicated volunteer for TEAMMATES and Dreamweaver non-profit organizations, DeAnna seamlessly blends her professional prowess with a commitment to community service.

Beyond her professional pursuits, DeAnna cherishes quality time with family and friends. Indulging in the art of Sunday pasta cooking, relishing boating, music, and exploring new destinations, she finds joy in the tapestry of life beyond the boardroom.