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Become an Extraordinary Leader in 5 Simple Steps

  A free, digital workshop from WCF & Proximity Leadership Network  

April 24th from 1-2:30 pm ET


WCF x Proximity Leadership Network


Sandy Aquino


About the Workshop

Great managers improve their organizations, create a strong work culture, and bring out the best in everyone. Being that kind of leader is easier said than done, though.

There’s a serious gap in training and development that leaves many ambitious managers feeling overwhelmed by deadlines, competing priorities, long hours, and employee drama. If you feel that way, it’s time to go from stressed out to in control. 

Become a more effective, respected, and confident leader with the management secrets you’ll learn during our next free digital workshop with career coach Sandy Aquino on April 24th from 1-2:30 pm ET.

What to Expect

During the session, Sandy will reveal how to: 

  • Organize and prioritize to minimize stress and overwhelm
  • Communicate effectively so that your team is productive and you are respected
  • Cultivate a high-performing team that thrives under your leadership and wants to come to work

Whether you’re an experienced manager, brand new to it, or aspire to lead in the future, this is a can’t-miss session for those who want to make a positive impact on their organization and beyond.

Meet Sandy Aquino

Sandy has a passion for helping corporate women go further, faster. After 20 years of industry experience, she founded Proximity Leadership Network with the mission of getting more women into leadership roles where decisions are made. She offers online courses, coaching, a private membership group, and both live and virtual events. Learn more.


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