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Aleks Whitchurch

CEO and Co-Founder of Quanta Credit Services, Inc

Aleks Whitchurch- Speaker


Roundtable: The Challenges of Business Ownership  (December 12th at 8:30 AM)


Aleksandra (Aleks) Whitchurch is the CEO and Co-Founder of Quanta Credit Services - an innovative digital-first collections solution provider. Quanta helps lenders, debt buyers, and collections agencies leverage digital channels to communicate with and engage their customers in the repayment process. Aleks believes that through data-driven, customer-centric, digital-first communication approaches, Quanta can take a historically vicious cycle of intrusion and shame and transform it into a virtuous one - where borrowers and creditors connect and work hand-in-hand to get payments, and therefore lives, back on track. 


Aleks started Quanta Credit Services in 2020 and has successfully led the organization through various stages of business growth, including product ideation, proof of concept development, market testing, and scaling. She has also successfully closed two rounds of external fundraising in the last two years.

Prior to leading Quanta, Aleks had wide-ranging experience leading digital marketing initiatives at a Top 10 Bank and is an expert on the strategies, data, and technology that work when it comes to engaging today’s customers. During her 10+ years in Financial Services, Aleks has built and empowered teams from scratch, pivoted large-scale organizations, and led numerous digital-first growth initiatives resulting in tens of millions of dollars of revenue growth.

Aleks graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Economics and Sociology. Outside of work she is actively raising two beloved children in partnership with her husband, is an avid (albeit slow) runner who coaches local 10K and marathon training teams, and is a passionate believer in the power of the American Dream thanks to her own experience of having originally emigrated from Poland as a young child.