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2023 Career Champion: Michelle Macartney

Nominated by Tricia Wyatt

Michelle Macartney (Managing Partner at Bridgeforce) is a "talent whisperer". She spots potential and nurtures it until it thrives. By doing so, she has transformed countless lives and careers.

Michelle Macertney

In a world where careers can feel like an endless maze, Michelle Macartney emerges as a guiding light, a true Career Champion for women – and men – in consumer finance. Michelle values every relationship. She consistently puts team members and clients in the forefront. 

Michelle's authenticity is her secret sauce. No sugar-coated advice or rehearsed speeches: she's the real deal and brings genuine spirit to all she does. Whether it's crunch time for a client or a heart-to-heart chat, Michelle's honesty shines through like a beacon. It’s no accident that Michelle’s integrity landed her the responsibility of Chief Compliance Officer at Bridgeforce. 

Michelle serves as a go-to guru in many areas. On calls, everyone listens when she shares her opinion, points something out, or provides a suggested direction. People seek her guidance on client engagements, in business meetings, as part of future planning and for people management. Her insights are like golden nuggets, polished through real experience and thoughtful consideration. She doesn't tell you what to do; she helps you find your own way.

But that's not all. Michelle's a talent whisperer. She has this knack for spotting potential in a team, nurturing it like a master gardener. She ensures everyone gets their chance to shine. She frequently takes team members under her wing cultivating and supporting their professional development. During weekly company calls, Michelle consistently acknowledges and recognizes others for their accomplishments, making people feel supported in their development and good about themselves.   

Balancing industry wisdom with a hands-on approach, Michelle's a true juggler. She fearlessly takes on the trickiest of projects, turning challenges into triumphs. And she doesn't just preach accountability; she practices it. Her own bar is set high, and she inspires others to leap over it. 

Michelle appreciates and advocates for diversity. She is effective in team building and collaborates with different groups. Plus, she ensures everyone is driving for success. One team member once said, “She creates a culture where a team can rally around a common goal and be the best it can be.”  

A master of her craft, she's knowledgeable, approachable, and organized to a “T.”  And when she's not conquering the corporate realm, she's out there, making a difference for the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority where she is the Volunteer Coordinator for the ZTA Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events, and Treasurer for the Zeta Tau Alpha San Diego Alumnae Chapter. 

So, there you have it, the story of Michelle: the fearless problem-solver, the talent nurturer, the diversity champion, and the philanthropic powerhouse. A true Career Champion for Women in Consumer Finance, she's not just a wonder woman – she's everyone's inspiration.

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