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2023 Career Champion: Lisa Rozzelle

Nominated by Bekah Luebcke

Lisa Rozzelle (Crown Asset Management) has a gift for making others feel seen and supported. Her inspiring generosity and thoughtfulness enriches the personal and professional lives of those around.

Lisa Rozzelle

Every one of us humans on this planet needs a Lisa in our life. 

Lisa is as genuine as a person can get. On our team, she is the example of caring, thoughtfulness, and authenticity. What I most admire about Lisa is her ability to show up for others in all situations. She never fails to read the room and determine how she can best benefit the collective. No one goes unseen or uncared for in Lisa’s world. Be it praise, encouragement, or a healthy dose of showing someone they’ve been truly seen in their moment of need, Lisa is never, EVER, absent. 

The spirit of generosity that is required to continually show up for her team in both good and bad times is nothing short of inspired. Whether we know it or not, we all hope to find our purpose. While enriching the lives of her coworkers may not be her highest purpose, it is one that she fulfills at the highest levels. 

For her highest purpose, I have to believe that is the one she fulfills as the mother to the two young men that she is undoubtedly raising to be as driven, thoughtful, and inspirational as she is. I can’t help but wonder optimistically what a world raised by Lisa-like mothers could be. I don’t know much, but I know that world would be both kinder and up to whatever the job at hand may be. 

Making the world a better place comes one interaction at a time, and Lisa creates these impactful interactions throughout her personal and professional life. 

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