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2023 Career Champion: Danielle Banner

Nominated by Cayla-Simone Riggs

Danielle Banner (JP Morgan Chase & Co.) helped her mentee Cayla-Simone Riggs grow from an "industry observer to a confident speaker". Her contagious positivity and thoughtful advice make an impact on all who know her.

Danielle Banner

I am thrilled to nominate Danielle for the "Career Champion" award. Her exceptional qualities as a mentor, coach, and advocate have had an immeasurable impact on my career and personal growth. Through her unwavering commitment to lifting others up, she embodies the true essence of this award.

My journey with Danielle began during a WCF virtual workshop in 2022, where her engagement and insightful contributions caught my attention. What began as a simple interaction soon blossomed into a series of one-on-one conversations that have since been instrumental in shaping my trajectory. 

From the very first conversation, it was evident that Danielle possessed a unique ability to ask thought-provoking questions and offer actionable strategies that transcended the boundaries of the professional realm.

Danielle's guidance has been the driving force behind my accomplishments. Within my company, her mentorship has empowered me to navigate a growing workload with confidence. Her guidance has helped me mold my voice into one that holds weight in executive discussions, contributing directly to our company's strategic decisions.

On a broader scale, Danielle's influence has empowered me to transition from an industry observer to a confident speaker. This transformation is significant for me, as I once held back due to a lack of confidence as a newcomer. Her unwavering support and belief in my potential have propelled me to seize opportunities and contribute my insights to the industry discourse.

However, Danielle's impact extends beyond professional achievements. Under her guidance, I've embarked on a deeply personal journey of self-expression. Encouraged by her, I initiated an external-facing journal that shares my experiences, serving as both a therapeutic outlet and a source of inspiration for others facing similar challenges.

Danielle's commitment to nurturing careers and personal growth goes beyond the ordinary. Her selflessness, wisdom, and genuine care for the well-being of others exemplify the qualities of a true Career Champion. I’ve seen her do this for others too, and only hope they share their stories too. The profound effect she has had on my professional journey and personal well-being is immeasurable and enduring.

Danielle's exceptional qualities as a mentor and advocate have catalyzed my growth in ways I could never have imagined. Her ability to empower, inspire, and guide has not only shaped my accomplishments but has also contributed to my holistic development. As I reflect on the strides I've made under her guidance, I wholeheartedly endorse Danielle for the "Career Champion" award. Her indomitable spirit and dedication to uplifting others truly make her the embodiment of this honor.

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