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How to Understand, Own, and Project Your Potential

Discover how to stop leaving your future to chance and guarantee success on your own terms during our next digital workshop with the author of Tales of Potential: The Cinderella Story You Haven't Heard.


Tales of Potential by Joanna Bloor

About the Workshop

Your value is based on who you’ll be and what you’ll do in the future, so why do we tell the story of our past on resumes, in interviews, during promotional opportunities? You need to tell the story of your potential if you want to spark interest from decision makers.

During this workshop, author and TED speaker Joanna Bloor will change the way you approach new opportunities through the principles of new book, Tales of Potential: The Cinderella Story You Haven’t Heard (included with registration). You'll learn:

  • Why your resume needs a facelift and how to approach it
  • How to understand the real value you bring 
  • How to make your potential visible to the people that matter

About the Book

Tales of Potential is a practical guide for becoming your most glittering future self—and reinventing leadership in the workplace. This sassy reframe of the classic Cinderella story will teach you to stop leaving your future to chance, court magic, and guarantee success on your terms. And the story makeover begins with a simple question: "Who do you think the Future You is?"

About Joanna Bloor

Joanna Bloor is a potentialist who has transformed thousands of lives worldwide. A former Silicon Valley executive, TED speaker, and trusted advisor to leaders worldwide, she’s been described as a “glittering buzzsaw that cuts through all the workplace BS.”